Hello and welcome to Pet Info Club!
Discover interesting stories here about pets that you won't find elsewhere, and obtain reliable advice about pet care subjects too.
As an example, there have always been canine superstars - RinTinTin, Lassie and now Manfred of Sweden!
Find out more about his amazing career.
Cockatiels added to ebook series
The latest addition to my new series of bird care ebooks has just been published, in various formats. Here's a link to the listing on
The title on pigeons and doves is also available through Amazon sites, including and and you can see the full list of available books here.
Dan the Dog
In addition, younger readers may enjoy the adventures of Dan the Dog, an expanding range of short stories also exclusively available in e-format, starting with Dan & The Giant Egg.
Each of these exciting, illustrated adventures will help children to discover more about animals and the way in which they live.
Cat ebooks
I've also just completed the world's first, genuine interactive cat ebook!
It's called The Interactive A-Z Guide to Famous Cats. Click here if you're in North America, and here if you're based in the UK.
Check out the sample on the US link - you can move from one section to another through the book, and sort the entries too, if you're interested in running through all the famous, real-life cats rather than cartoons cats for example.
There's also the companion ebook called Cats & Us: The World of Famous Cats.

As with the other titles listed above, these cat books are also available through Kobo, iBookstore and NOOK.
What's new?
I'm adding new information to the site every day, so if you're keen to stay in touch with what's happening in the world of pets, don't forget to bookmark us and check back regularly.
Plus you can use the Search feature to locate subjects of particular interest to you on the site.
Don't miss these latest subjects:-

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